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HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free
* 06.08.2006 +17.2.2013

stud dog

Interchampion, Champion SK,CZ,PL, Juniorchampion CZ,SK,A, Poland Winner 2007, Middle and West Europa Winner, The best young dog
very promising 1, 2x class winner, regional winner, 4x CAJC CZ, 3x CAJC SR,6x CAC SR, 2x CWC, 1x Zwl.Ml., 3x Jugendbester (A), 4x CAC CZ, 3x CACA, 6x Res. CAC, 4x CACIB, 4x Res.CACIB, 4x BOB

pedigree photos shows class of breed offspring

About me

Bartholomew (at home Barth) was luck for us because he became from the litter, where we had been planning some visit for a long time to have a look at the puppies and we didn’t anticipate that in that day we lost our Carlos due to torsion. We were very sad of it, very sad... We knew that only some new puppy can help us in that moment. And this is why we decided to visit half brothers and half sisters of our Allsa. For the first sight we fall in love with one puppy male - Baragund and we decided to pick him. But he didn’t choose us as his new owners and kept out of us and Bartholomew ran to us and started to bite us. And it was decided…

Barth is the most show successful male in our kennel till this moment. In his age of 9 months as the youngest male in the class of young dogs he won his class and received titles CAJC and The best young dog. In his age of 15 months he received JuniorChampion of Czech Republic. Very soon he received JuniorChampion of Slovak Republic and Austria too. Till his age of 20 months he attended enough shows with success and than he received club title The most show successful Swiss Mountain Dog in the year 2007 and this success he repeated next year too. In his age of 2,5 year he became Champion of Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and INTERCHAMPION!! His x-rays are super - HD A/A, ED 0/0 and OCD negative.

In his age of 3 year he became Champion of Poland and now he spends his time in playing with our rest dogs, with females and sometimes he attends some show.

His brothers and sisters are very nice too, almost all of them became JuniorChampion, Champion and one sister Belline is InterChampion too. But what is the most important - all of them have x-rays without dysplasia (HD A/A, ED 0/0)!

We wish to have Barth for a long time together in our family - with healthy and happy nature. He has already nice offspring too and some of them are similar to Barth. It is very nice to meet them in the shows and see how they are growing up.

We are very happy that we have Barth and we have to thank to Lucie Sajnohova (breeder) to trust in us.






Melian z Gemerskej Polomy
HD A/A, ED 0/0
Askan von Rummelsbach
HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD free

Brothers and sisters

name HD ED OCD shows photo web
Bernadetta   A/A 0/0 free JCh.SK,CH.SK ,2x CAJC,5xCAC,
photo web
Belerian   A/A 0/0 free JCH.SK, CH.SK, 3x CAJC,
photo web
Belline   A/A 0/0 free ICH, GrCH.CZ., Ch.CZ,SK,A, JCh.CZ,
10x CAC CZ,4x CACA,5x CACIB, NV,
Young Club winner,Club winner 08,
Regional winner,5x BOB
photo web
Baragund   A/A 0/0 free Excellent 2, CAC photo -
Barnabash   - - - no show photo -